Elizabeth Polinsky from Coumbia, South Carolina is coming to GVLX 7!


Moonshine Rhythm Club

Moonshine Rhythm Club brings old-school swing and jazz to life with joyful arrangements and energetic playing that makes this vintage music sound like it was written this morning. The boys seek out deep cuts from the 30s and 40s, take their favorite parts from classic big band recordings, and distill them into their signature sound. That sound draws on the guitar-driven, acoustic fire of gypsy jazz, as well as the slow burn and laid-back groove of later artists like Count Basie and Nat “King” Cole. On top of this lays classy and hip vocals with a lighthearted humor.

Mac Arnold and His Plate Full O' Blues

Mac Arnold’s first band included James Brown on piano. Mac moved to Chicago and Muddy Waters hired him on the spot. He toured and recorded with the Muddy Waters Band and recorded LPs with Otis Spann and John Lee Hooker. Mac moved to Los Angeles and produced Soul Train with his friend Don Cornelius. He even played bass on the Sanford & Son television show when he wasn't playing bass for Otis Redding and B.B. King. He retired from show business to be an organic farmer. Mac is back with his own band and a "plate full" of CDs, building a new foundation in blues, soul and funk.

The Flat Out Strangers

Johnny Dark and Sputter Jones formed Flat Out Strangers in 1998 as a raw Americana duo that paid homage to early Hillbilly, Country and Western, and especially Rockabilly music. Previously they played for many years together in the popular 80’s and 90’s Rockabilly trio, The Losers. Johnny and Sputter, both enamored of the roots of their music, began a journey backwards in time that led to Western Swing, Gypsy Jazz, and Big Band. It was then that they rediscovered Django Reinhardt, Stephane Grappelli and The Quintette du Hot Club de France, leading to their transformation into a Gypsy Jazz band, focusing on vocal versions of classic Django instrumentals. To round out the sound, they recruited Finklea “J.A.”Tomlinson on swing drums and Séan “Junior” Heely on violin and have studied and pursued the genre with intense devotion. After a year of solid research and song development, the band became an authentic hot club American swing band, debuting an all new songlist and sporting a new vintage look. They look and sound sharper than they ever have.